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2013 Custom1 Universal 1"
Strap Slot Camera Mount
$ 26.00
           Prices Include Shipping For U.S. Only
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Pre Drilled Holes works with Most Security Boxes.
(Some Drilling may be required)
Also works Great for Homebrew Trail Camera's with Pelican Case.
Allows you to adjust the angle angle of your Camera Up or Down
Powder Coat Finish.
Bracket only Camera, Cables, Straps, Security Box and Mounting Hardware are Not Included
Universal Trail Camera Angle Mounting Bracket
 Universal Bracket Only $9.99 + $8.50 SH
Angle Down
Universal Trail Cam Mount
Mounting Example Pictures Below
Custom1 T Post Mount
Custom1 T Post Mounting Bracket

Works with any Camera that has 1/4 X 20 Threaded Insert. Could also be used with Security Box.
Camera's and T Post Not Included Your buying the Mount Only
as in Picture 1
Primos Truth Cam Acc.
Pk of 4 Universal Angle Bracket
Monday-Friday 9-5
Eastern Daylight Time
LTL Acorn
Universal Tree Swivel Ball Mount
Works with all Trail Camera's
With 1/4 X 20 Tripod Threads
Includes Tree Step and Swivel Mount
$14.99 Each
 Includes Shipping
Two 2013 Custom1 Universal 1" Strap Slot Camera Mounts
Our Universal Model Works withTrail Camera's that have a 1" or larger Strap Slot. Fits Moultrie M-990i, M-80 , M-880 , D555i
DLC Covert MP6, Red 40, Black 60, Code Black
Browning BTC-1, BTC-2 BTC-3
Easily mount your trail camera using our new 2013 Universal mount
No more Straps, No need to use sticks or shims to adjust the angle, Just slide your camera on the Bar through the Strap Slots loosen the adjustment Knob set the angle then Tighten Adjustment Knob.
This is not ment to be a Security Bracket but there is a Hole in the end that you could use a Padlock , Python cable or just use a Nut & Bolt. See Sample Pictures Below
Includes Shipping
Includes Shipping
2013 Custom1 Universal Strap Slot Trail Camera Mount
Can Also Be Used With Security Boxes
Three Swivel Ball Mounts $29.99
Includes Shipping
3/4" Bushnell Trophy Cam Strap Slot Camera Mount
$ 26.00
Includes Shipping
Two 3/4" Bushnell Trophy Cam
Strap Slot Camera Mounts
Bushnell Model
2014 Custom 1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
2014 Custom1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
Works with Most Makes of Security Boxes
Allows you to Tilt your security Box
Up, Down, Right or Left.
Can be Lagbolted or Mounted With Straps
 (1" Camo Straps Sold Below)
Also can be used to Mount Reconyx Hyperfire Camera's
$ 49.99
One 2014 Swivel Mount Kit
Assembly Required Includes Parts
as shown Above in Figure 1
Ten Swivel
Ball Mounts $75.00
Picture 1
Includes Shipping
Includes Shipping